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Welcome to StrucSure Home Warranty, your best choice for workmanship and materials, delivery portions of systems, and structural warranty coverage on new homes nationwide.

Home warranties were designed to protect both builders and buyers from being legally exposed to construction defect issues that sometimes become apparent after the sale of a new home. Construction defects can result from a number of factors and can affect a number of different home components at different times throughout the life of the home.  Builders want solid risk management protection for their day-to-day activities and homebuyers want peace-of-mind that any issues that arise after they move into their new home will be addressed and fixed.  Both parties want peace-of-mind knowing that construction defect issues will be resolved quickly without the wasted time, energy, and expense of litigation.  StrucSure Home Warranty offers that peace-of-mind.

Offering your homebuyers a third-party, insurance-backed warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty communicates that you care about them and their buying experience.  It also shows that you provide a quality product and stand behind your work.  As homebuyers are becoming more savvy about home buying and their builder options, choosing a builder that offers warranty protection is becoming standard practice.

In addition to being a great risk management tool, new home warranties are a great sales tool because they build buyer confidence and help builders sell more homes.  In addition, because our warranties include a mandatory arbitration clause, both builders and buyers can feel better about avoiding the courthouse if a construction defect occurs.

StrucSure Home Warranty offers a bundled warranty package that includes workmanship and materials, delivery portions of systems (the wiring, piping, and ductwork in the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, ventilation, and mechanical systems), and structural coverage, or you can choose a stand-alone structural home warranty.  Click here to learn more about each program.

At StrucSure Home Warranty, we are one of the top warranty providers in the country because we deliver coverage at competitive rates backed by stellar customer service and hands-on warranty administration.  We know that most builders believe that construction defects will never happen to them, but even solidly built homes can experience problems.  The bottom line?  Your bottom line.

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