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Having been in the new home warranty industry since 1985, StrucSure Home Warranty CEO Jerry Thompson had seen many new home warranty companies to the extent that service suffered for the sake of growth and profitability.  Jerry saw the need for a new home warranty program that was different from the rest, one that would provide outstanding customer service and be completely responsive to client and homeowner needs while providing excellent coverage at a reasonable fee. As a result, StrucSure Home Warranty was founded in Englewood, Colorado in 1997.

The focus on providing value, protection, and excellent customer service began paying off immediately as many quality builders opted for a a better customer experience and became members of StrucSure Home Warranty. Jerry implemented a plan centered on slow, controlled growth and a screening process that allowed only quality builders and homes into the program. Many of those initial members remain active in the StrucSure program today.

In 2001, Golden Insurance Company, RRG,, a risk retention group, was formed to provide insurance backing for warranties sold by StrucSure Home Warranty.  Today, Golden Insurance Company has grown into a well-respected, high-rated insurance company and is managed by OnPoint Underwriting, a major insurance brokerage firm with a division that specializes in captive insurance company creation and management.

Today, StrucSure Home Warranty has grown into one of the top warranty providers for new homes and has provided warranty coverage for over 7,000 builders/contractors on over 100,000 homes in 39 states across the U.S. StrucSure is active in numerous Home Builder Associations and takes great pride in donating a portion of revenue to important industry causes and charitable organizations.

We invite you to find out for yourself what sets StrucSure Home Warranty apart from other warranty providers. Browse this Web site or call 1.877.806.8777 to learn more.




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