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More than just a warranty company, StrucSure Home Warranty goes the extra mile to meet the needs of builders, remodelers, and homeowners who understand the importance of new home warranty coverage.

Since 1997, we've worked hard to provide builders with risk management products that not only protect their bottom line, but add to it. If you are comparing warranty providers, below is a list of reasons why you should choose us:

  • Our warranty programs are insurance-backed, FHA approved, and HUD accepted.

  • Our builder membership process is simple; when a builder applies for membership, we don't require them to provide certified financial statements, long reference lists, a signed personal guarantee, or a bond. Many of our competitors do.

  • Unlike some other warranty companies, our structural warranty coverage lasts for 10 years and begins on the day of closing.

  • If a structural issue with the load bearing part of the home causes a non-load bearing part to experience a failure or incur damages, we cover those direct damages (some other warranty providers don't).

  • Our warranty is completely transferable within the 10-year term (so, if a homeowner sells their home during the term, the warranty transfers to the new homeowner). This is a powerful marketing tool.

  • Our warranty includes mandatory, third-party arbitration should a disagreement about coverage occur between the builder and the homeowner (this provides a solution to the problem without the time, effort, and expense of litigation).

  • Our warranty uses HUD and former TRCC performance standards to determine a structural failure and include the updated TAB performance standards that were implemented in October, 2013 (Texas specific).

  • We set aside a high percentage of every dollar received for the purpose of covering claims (rest assured that we'll be there in case of a warranty claim in the future).

  • We are insurance-backed, which provides a guarantee of sufficient funds to pay claims now and into the future (this provides peace-of-mind to the buyer about their coverage and helps the builder close more deals).

  • We work with builders of all sizes (no builder is too big or too small).

  • Our clients have access to upper management and internal risk management experts.

  • We offer flat rate and last minute warranties.

  • We offer flexibility by providing warranties on a lot-by-lot or subdivision-by-subdivision basis.

  • We work with builder's financial and budgeting needs by offering competitive rates, flat rates, volume pricing, and shared risk programs.

  • We have one of the easiest paperwork processes in the industry and doing business with us means less paperwork. Our home enrollment form is only one page (and can be submitted online) and faxed inspections are acceptable.

  • We have simplified our underwriting requirements.

  • We offer more than just “customer service.” We guarantee a positive customer experience. We put our “Customer Experience Pledge” in writing and include specific measurable customer service metrics. Plus, we include financial penalties should we ever fail to live up to our promise. To see our pledge, click here.

  • We have nationwide representatives ready to serve you. We also have stellar, responsive customer service. Phones are guaranteed to be answered in person during business hours and questions and special requests are addressed in a timely manner.

  • We are actively involved in many home builder associations across the country (click here for a list).

  • We act as an extension of your marketing department by providing free marketing materials and customized warranty booklets to help promote the benefits of warranty coverage to your clients.  We also provide free sales training.

  • In addition to warranty products, our sister company StrucSure Insurance Services offers additional risk management products such as general liability, builder's risk, and worker's comp insurance. If you are a member of StrucSure Home Warranty, you may be eligible for insurance coverage at a discount when you bundle your warranty and insurance services.  



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