10-Year Warranty

We know most builders believe structural defects will never happen to them, but even solidly built homes can have problems. The most common cause of structural defects includes shifting soil, changes in weather conditions (periods of drought followed by heavy rain), and faulty workmanship.

Soil and weather are hard to predict and control, but faulty workmanship happens, and it might not manifest into a structural defect for many years after a homebuyer moves into one of your homes.

Once a problem becomes apparent, it can be very costly to fix.

In addition, if you are building without a warranty, you are responsible for defects that fall within a state’s implied warranty period (which may be up to 10 years or longer).

StrucSure’s 10-year structural warranty begins on the day of closing and lasts for 10 years.  As a direct warranty, StrucSure Home Warranty is the responsible party for any covered major structural defects. If a major structural defect occurs within the first 10 years, it will be repaired, replaced, or paid for under our warranty.

The 10-year warranty covers the following load-bearing components of a new home:

  • Foundation systems and footings,
  • Floor framing systems,
  • Walls and partitions,
  • Roof framing systems,
  • Beams,
  • Headers,
  • Girders,
  • Lintels (other than those supporting veneers),
  • Columns (other than a column that is designed to be cosmetic), and
  • Masonry Arches (other than a column that is designed to be cosmetic).

Structural home warranties provide reassurance to your buyers about the structural integrity of their home. They also show that you construct a quality product and stand behind your work. This creates buyer confidence and results in a quicker sale and a more satisfied customer.

Contact us if you would like to review covered components, exclusions, homeowner responsibilities, etc. and we will send you a copy of our warranty booklet