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Since 1997, StrucSure Home Warranty has provided builders, remodelers, and others in the construction trades with third-party, insurance-backed warranty products that not only protect their bottom line, but help add to it.

Our workmanship and materials, delivery portions of systems, and structural home warranties protect our clients from expensive claims, liabilities, and legal fees and offer their clients peace of mind through third-party, insurance-backed warranty protection.  To date, over 7,500 builders and 100,000 homeowners across the country have benefited from our warranty protection.

Just like any risk management product, the hope is that you'll never need it, but when a problem emerges, you're glad you're covered.

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Home warranties are designed to protect both builders and buyers from being legally exposed to construction defect issues.  Offering warranty coverage to your buyers communicates that you care about them and their buying experience.  It also shows that you provide a quality product and stand behind your work.  StrucSure Home Warranty offers insurance-backed warranties that cover workmanship and materials for one year, delivery portions of systems for two years, and structural components for 10 years.  Build buyer confidence and sell more homes by providing your clients with new home warranty protection from StrucSure Home Warranty.


One of the biggest obstacles remodelers face when trying to close a deal is buyer confidence. Homeowners want to feel confident about the remodeler they chose in addition to having assurance that their remodeling project will be completed professionally and correctly.  The StrucSure Remodelers Program provides your clients peace-of-mind about their remodeling project which builds your credibility and helps you win more jobs.  Our program is also a great risk management tool for your day-to-day operations because it protects you from expensive claims, liabilities, and legal fees.  


Buying a new home is not only exciting, it is one of the biggest investments a person will make in their lifetime.  Most homes are built with pride and quality workmanship, but sometimes construction defects happen despite a builder's best intentions and efforts.  Home warranties were developed to protect homeowners from hefty repair bills or expensive and time-consuming legal action in the event a construction defect occurs in their new home.  If you are purchasing a new home, make sure you are protected by requiring your builder to provide you with a home warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty.  so you can sleep better at night knowing you and your home are covered.



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