Many factors go into the pricing for warranty coverage, including sales volume, average sales price per home, geographical location, risk considerations, deductibles/shared risk options, and more.  At StrucSure Home Warranty, we help you meet your financial needs and budgeting goals by offering competitive rates and custom pricing options.  Our pricing flexibility is one of our key differentiators compared to our competitors, and a reason why many of our builder members work with us.

As key players in the homebuilding industry, we understand the economic pressures and business challenges facing the homebuilding industry and our builder clients. We also recognize the pricing of new-home warranties is highly competitive among the different warranty providers, and keeping pricing low is critical to maintaining our leadership position in the industry.

StrucSure’s pricing strategy remains competitive because it is based on the following:

  • We closely manage our overhead costs, which means we can price our warranties lower than our competitors.
  • We created our own Risk Retention Group (Golden Insurance Company, RRG) in 2001 to insure our warranty risks at a more competitive cost, thus allowing us to lower our warranty fees.
  • In 2002, we created our own reinsurance company for additional cost-effective protection for our builder clients.
  • We quickly and fairly investigate and manage claims so we can prevent them from turning into costly arbitration or litigation claims.

In addition to competitive warranty pricing, you may also be eligible to save up to 35% on your insurance premiums when you bundle your warranty and insurance programs with us.  Ask us how.  

Whether you are a large, volume builder who would benefit from volume pricing, a builder who wants to share the risk in order to reduce warranty costs, a builder in need of flat rate pricing, or a builder in need of a hybrid approach, we can develop pricing to meet your risk management, budgeting, and financial needs.